For all its notoriety and controversial character, the history of Swiss banking secrecy remains largely unexplored. This article traces the crucial phases of its development. It reveals that the maintenance and reinforcement of banking secrecy represented a major objective of Swiss authorities throughout the twentieth century, and exerted a

Swiss Banking Act of 1934. Main article: Banking in Switzerland See also: Tax evasion in Switzerland. Bank secrecy was codified by the 1934 Swiss Banking Act following a public scandal in France, when MP Fabien Alberty denounced tax evasion by eminent French personalities, including politicians, judges, industrialists, church dignitaries and directors of newspapers, who were hiding their money Swiss Banking Secrecy Rule Dealt Setback in Month to Oct 19, 2018 opening a swiss bank account online - swiss bank online Security and privacy for your money. Switzerland has the highest level of banking secrecy and stability in the world. The Swiss National Bank offers among the greatest supplies associated with precious metal gold to support its currency. Banks within Switzerland are obligated legally to keep any and all information about their customers purely Swiss Bank Program - U.S. Department of Justice

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Switzerland signs deal to end banking secrecy However, the Swiss banking industry which has reached $8.5 trillion in offshore wealth will have to adapt to these changes. The secrecy was one of the most important attractions for depositors and foreign bank assets have decreased by $921 billion in the last four years as a result of fears that this secrecy …