option -i, --ip-address. Display the network address(es) of the host name. Note that this works only if the host name can be resolved. Avoid using this option; use hostname --all-ip-addresses or To use the hostname -I option instead of it.

Using ip command. If you prefer to use the ip command instead of ifconfig. ip address add [ip]/[mask-digits] dev [nic] Here is an example. ip address add dev eth0 With this command you can add more ip address to the same dev NIC, the second is considered as secondary. Add a permanent IP address. Ubuntu. For Ubuntu systems, edit networking - IP Address not populating in eth0 in ifconfig IP Address not populating in eth0 in ifconfig. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 9 months ago. Active 5 years, 9 months ago. Viewed 42k times 4. One of my servers at work does not connect back to us (so I can't SSH into it). I asked the person on the site to do numerous things: sudo /sbin/service network restart What is My Local IP Address? | IPconfig.in Dec 16, 2018

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ifconfig vs ip usage guide on Linux | ComputingForGeeks Setting Static IP Address on CentOS. Example: sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask sudo ip addr add dev eth0 Remove static IP address: To clear ip address information for an interface commands syntax is as below for both tools: sudo ifconfig eth0 del sudo ip addr del dev eth0 Set Configuring a static IP address/mask and default gateway Step 1 - Configure IP Address, Mask and Gateway Example: Set on eth0. Note that /24 is shorthand for specifying a network mask of, …

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