Menu callback; displays the block configuration form. 1 call to block_admin_configure() block_add_block_form in modules/ block/ Menu callback: display the custom block …

Feb 17, 2012 7 - Hide menu item in specific block/region - Drupal Answers I have two instances of main_menu on a page. One is in the header, using superfish. The other is in the sidebar, using menu_block. I want to hide a menu item in the sidebar and show it in the head How to enable a menu block and hide a block title - Drupal

hook_block_view | block.api.php | Drupal 7.x | Drupal API

Block a User | OSU Drupal 7 | Web Technology Training To block/deactivate a user on your website, do the following: Go to their profile (you can do this a few different ways, including going to Admin menu > People). Click the Edit tab. Status radio button = blocked. Scroll down and Save the changes. Hide the active language in Language Switcher block in

In drupal 8 block is part of the plugin system.. Step 1. Create a simple module like this.. Step 2. Create a foldr Block in your module Ex: mymodule\Plugin\Block Step 3. Create the block (Php Class in mymodule\Plugin\B

Oct 17, 2011 · Two approaches to hiding the content of a field to non-members of your website. Approach #1: Do it in a module. Approach #2: Use field templates in your theme. Approach #2 is more sophisticated and elegant and gives you the ability to change the html at field level. It's also new in Drupal 7. However… This is something that is so simple to do, once you have figured out the steps to get to the right little click boxes to appear. I wish that it were more intuitive to find, but for all those who struggle with “hiding” the page titles, Display Suite makes it really easy to choose to hide the page title for a specific Content Type or for a particular Node.