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Mar 29, 2016 · Google Is Freaking Me Out: How Does It Know What I'm Thinking? If you're like me and contribute to the over 100 billion searches that Google processes every month, then you've probably noticed that Google has gotten smarter over the last few years. Much smarter. If you're going to be served up ads by Google then you may as well make sure that they're about topics you're interested in. Here's how you can find out what Google thinks you like and make Nov 28, 2017 · You may use Google to get sports scores, to find how to do something on your Mac, to search for information on a vacation destination, to find recipes, and much more. After all, Google is the world’s most popular go-to tool for accessing information. But Google is not your only search engine option, and certainly not the most private. Google thinks I am a 65+ year old man, possibly because I am always searching things like "what time does The Good Wife start" and "movies with no violence or sadness in them" and "when will I die

Does Google know who you are? The best way to discover who google thinks you are is to check what information it monitors to tailor its ads. Go to the ‘personal info & privacy’ page, scroll

If a website uses Google's services—which considering the ubiquity of Google Analytics, it's likely it does—then your activity on that site is being tracked and recorded. Whether or not that information gets tied directly to you depends on whether or not you're signed into a Google account on the device you're using.

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Whenever I open the Google Maps app on my Android mobile phone, Google always seems to know my location, and it is very accurate (usually it places me on the map even in the correct room). Also, this happens even if both WiFi adapter and GPS are off. Sep 12, 2018 · Google Takeout, a tool for downloading your own Google data, debuted in 2011 and now enables you to export some sort of material from at least 50 different services, including Gmail, Search, chats