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How do you clear the Flash Player cache? October 18, 2015. Thank you! where do i find the link for clearing your flash cache? February 8, 2015. Is there a way to clear temp files, cache, etc. on an iPad? December 31, 2014. Rank progress is not working correctly for me on all 7 of the Pogo games on the iPad. For example, when I finish a game of Reset and Clean-up Windows Media Player Library | Clone Delete Transcoded Files Cache. Windows Media Player automatically converts your media files to an appropriate size once you connect an external device such as a smartphone, tablet or an iPod. Such “converted” files are known as Transcoded Files. The Transcoded cache contains copies of previously transcoded files. Troubleshooting May 29, 2020 Clearing and optimizing cache — FarmVille 2 Clearing your cache anytime is not recommended. Most of the data within the Farmville 2 game does not change frequently, so re-fetching or caching will significantly slow down the loading time for the Farmville 2 game and may cause issues within the game.

— Click on Flash Player (32 bit) – It doesn’t really matter if you have 64 bit or 32 bit Windows, it will say 32 bit in Control Panel. — In the Flash Player dialog that opens, click the button that says “Delete All” After you’ve clicked “Delete all” the dialog below will appear. Check “Delete all Site Data and Settings”

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