If I hook an Ethernet cable up from my WIFI router to my

Solved: Why can my Dell Laptop connect to wifi but not get Recently I have been unable to connect to the internet through a router (both wireless and using a wire). I can use the internet if I connect the laptop directly to the modem. The laptop successfully connects to the wireless network, and other devices on this network can access the internet. I ran ipconfig /all and these are the results: I cannot connect my laptop to my wireless router Oct 31, 2010 Can I use my 2nd router as a wireless access point Jun 10, 2008 Why Does My Laptop Kill My Wifi? - Lifehacker

Dec 20, 2015

They Wont connect to the Wireless network but my Galaxy S4 and Blue Evo Smartphone will connect.. I have cable internet "Suddenlink" I went and bought a BRAND NEW router. (Linksys) thinking the router was bad. But my all n 1 PC, Laptop, and PS4 will connect if i hardwire it through my Linksys router through ethernet wires. I called my service How can I share my cable modem Internet connection through Connect the Wi-Fi card in your Fujitsu laptop to your wireless router using 802.11g. Follow instructions that came with your card and router -- typically you need to configure the same SSID (network name) and WEP keys in both the card and the router. When configuring WEP …

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how can i use wireless router with my laptop? what Aug 29, 2010