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AOL ended support for the Netscape Internet browser on March 1, 2008. 2008: On December 11, 2008, Google released the Chrome browser. 2009: A person under the fake name of Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the Internet currency Bitcoin on January 3, 2009. 2014: The HTML5 programming language was recommended and released to the public on October 28 A brief history of the internet . From its start as a Cold War defensive measure to the cat video sharing phenomenon that steals our time today, the internet has come a long way baby! The internet went from being an obscure research idea to a technology that is used by over 3.2 billion people in less than sixty years.

This Internet Timeline begins in 1962, before the word 'Internet' is invented. The world’s 10,000 computers are primitive, although they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. They have only a few thousand words of magnetic core memory, and programming them is far from easy.

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